Some Changes to my PGP Keys

by Evan Straw on April 20, 2020

I'm just making a short post because I've made a change to my PGP keys. I used to have two keys, one for my primary email address and one for my university email address. In retrospect this didn't turn out to be the best idea and I have two completely separate identities.

So, what I'm doing today is adding my university email address, estraw@uw.edu, as a new user identity to my original PGP key, and expiring the other key next week. This key will still remain on the gnupg.net keyserver, although it will be expired, so you could verify anything I have previously signed with it. I will not use it from today onward, however. Please add my primary key! A copy is on this website.

I have additionally prepared a message that I've signed with both keys to certify that it's actually me doing this and not an impostor who's gained access to my website. This message is as follows:

I, Evan Straw, certify that I own both the PGP keys for 
evan.straw99@gmail.com, with fingerprint 
E9FF D265 76F8 0CB7 70CB E551 F530 C3B4 A2A9 F06D
and for estraw@uw.edu, with fingerprint 
7D7E 46A3 78AA EDFD 9E06 023F 3C04 9C17 8D1D 9EF1 

I also certify that the latter key will expire as of 2020-04-27 
at 16:57:58 PDT, that the email address estraw@uw.edu has been 
added as a new user identity to the former key above, and that 
I will use the former key as my PGP key until its expiry on 
2022-02-13 or until an event arises such that it should expire 

I am signing this message with both keys to verify this, and 
publishing the signatures.

The signatures are located on this website as well so you can verify them, for both my primary key and my school key.

Anyways, that's all! Just wanted to make sure I'm establishing a proper level of trust for those who care about verifying my identity.

More to come soon.

-- Evan