by Evan Straw on April 15, 2020

Coming across this blog again I realize that I've left it completely dead since my first post on it back in November of 2019. I totally meant to keep writing more stuff and I guess that fell through.

By way of explanation, I am happy to announce that I've finally been approved for a major program at my university, so my coursework has been keeping me fairly busy. However, I think perhaps the primary reason is the one first written on the original version of the site in 2016: "I'm just really lazy". I do tend to forget about projects like this sometimes, and that sucks because I really did intend to keep this one up.

I'll be coming back with some posts soon. I have a few things that I think could make some good content. I might also add some more features, I somewhat recently added syntax highlighting to the blog (generated statically, no JS!) for when I make posts involving code, and I might add an RSS feed. I don't use feeds personally but I know some people who might like it.

Until then, stay tuned! Thanks for reading.